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1983 saw the birth of DEMCA Motion Control products, a company founded by Doug McAslan, who has over 30 years experience in the valve actuator industry.

For 29 years DEMCA was the sole appointed agent for Rotork in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape regions of South Africa. During this time, DEMCA successfully retrofitted Hundred’s of Rotork actuators onto existing valves for clients such as Chevron/Texaco, Engen, PetroSA, BP, Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, as well as on reservoirs, pump stations, pipe lines, water treatment works for the larger Cape Municipalities. Such retrofitting projects include the surveying of existing equipment, upgrading of existing manually operated valves, replacement of old actuators, design and manufacturing of adaption arrangements and the installation of complete valve control systems involving two wire supervisory and control.
DEMCA MCP also offered considerable experience in the servicing of Rotork and other manufacturers actuators – having successfully refurbished actuators which in some instances are up to 30 years old.

The Present

On the 1st of April 2009 DEMCA cancelled the agency agreement with Rotork Actuation and advised them that we would no longer represent Rotork exclusively. Having become a non- aligned valve actuation company who no longer offer one manufacturers products we are able to offer the best value for money solution to our ever growing list of clients.
Furthermore, we are no longer constrained to operate solely within the areas of South Africa determined by Rotork in their agency agreement.

The Future, AVA Actuator, Multi-turn Actuators, Quarter Turn Actuators, Intelligent Actuator, Explosion-Proof Actuator

With fewer products being manufactured in Europe and North America the valve actuator is following the same path that the valve industry took some +- 20 years ago in sourcing from Asia. The features and quality of certain of these products is of such a high standard that traditional actuator manufacturers are very concerned. To the extent that some valve actuator manufacturers are “branding” Asian products as their own.

With DEMCA’s extensive knowledge we have sourced alternatives to the traditional actuators associated with the Southern Africa market. These alternatives all carry “at least” the same “Warranty” as better known brands but at cost savings to the customer. Therefore we can offer traditional makes of valve actuators as well as an alternative that will satisfy the needs of the client whilst at the same time providing a meaningful cost saving.
The similarities in the products we represented in the past verses the less expensive options means that our more than 30 years experience will provide our customers with the high level of “after sales service” they deserve.

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