Valpes Multi-turn Failsafe Intelligent Actuator (Powered by AXMART) (MT Range)

  • IP68 Enclosure (5 meters submersible for 72 hours)
  • Multi-voltage actuator: 100V to 240V 50/60Hz (100V to 300V DC) and 24V to 48V 50/60Hz (24V to 72V DC)
  • All in one: no additional wiring required
  • “Fail to close” or “Fail to open” easy switch with AXMART v3 application
  • Real-time battery charge and system status information
  • Power shut off after 2mn to avoid battery discharging
  • Quick and easy replacement of the battery
  • Bluetooth® connection for monitoring, programming, control and setup the actuator with AXMART interface.